Strategy-led branding & web design for playful young businesses with immense ambitions

Feel like you spend most of your time on ineffective marketing? Lucky Night Studio strategically creates delightful brands & websites that captivate & convert your dream audience so that you can get back to the work you’re most passionate about.

You’re crazy about the work you do & making real impact. Don’t allow poor brand strategy or lack of clarity to interfere with your wildest dreams

Lucky Night Studio takes visionary young businesses from overwhelm to laser-focus! Our thoughtful brand identity and web design solutions deeply understand your dream customer base and convert them into a paying reality.

No tricks, no jargon, no bullshit. Just expert, strategy-led brand identity and websites that build deep emotional connections & convert the right buyers while simplifying your marketing efforts.

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Our focus is on:

Understanding who your ideal customer really is and how/where to market to them

Creating a brand that positions itself correctly and builds intense connections with those customers

Designing fully custom digital experiences that focus on delighting and converting these customers again and again

There are so many magical young brands out there deserving of wild success, it breaks our hearts to see so many fail to connect with their audience

Hiyeee, we’re Louise, a developer and software engineer; and Naomi, a visual designer and branding obsessive. We founded Lucky Night Studio because we believe that our combined 20 years’ experience in our respective fields mixed with your passion and drive is the perfect recipe to get your business booming. We’ll get to know everything about you and your goals, struggles and processes so that we can build you a plan and create the assets to make them a reality.

Our Work

You’re rightly very picky about who you choose to work with, and so are we. That’s why we offer a totally free, zero-obligation consultation call prior to booking so that we can ensure that we’re the very best fit for your project.


Full Scale Digital Design Agency

Branding, websites, themes, custom graphics, design for print.

Anything you need to build the business of your dreams, we can help.


Bring your brand to life with print and digital designs that captivate your ideal audience & show off your expertise.

Branding & logo creation

Brochure & leaflet design

Marketing collateral

Social media templates

Custom graphics

& much more


Increase sales & engagement with bespoke development solutions across a wide range of digital touchpoints.

Custom websites

Squarespace themes

Domains & hosting

Content management systems

Custom development

& much more


Ensure your digital products are converting as well as possible with our bespoke creative marketing solutions.

SEO & analytics

Video & audio editing

Apps & digital products

Ad & PR creative

Social media assets

& much more


How you can work with us

Step 1: Book A Consultation

Fill out our questionnaire so we can get to know your needs. During your consultation we’ll discuss deliverables, timings & costs.

Step 2: Get Booked In

We’ll discuss the right time to get started and from there you’ll have a target completion date & payment schedule for effortless planning

Step 3: Get Started

We’ll learn everything about your business and then create exciting branding & web design that will captivate & convert your audience

Not sure which service you need?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and goals, & we'll advise on the best way forward for your project.


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