How a rebrand can simplify your business efforts

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Rebranding a business is about so much more than creating a pretty new logo. It’s about understanding your mission, values and customer base so that you can build services and marketing plans that solve real problems.

A good rebrand will give you all the tools necessary for simple content creation, effective messaging and building out a killer marketing plan.

Here’s 6 specific ways a rebrand can simplify your business marketing efforts in 2022.

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1. Discover your ideal customer

The most crucial element of the branding process by far is researching and understanding your ideal customer. We build out your ideal customer profile by:

  • Digging deep into who has (and hasn’t) worked well for you in the past
  • Gathering information on your price points and future goals
  • Finding out all about your values and mission and who that best serves

We always recommend having your ideal customer avatars on hand when deciding on new products or services so you can ensure they’re right for your perfect audience.

It’s also worth revisiting this regularly (once a year or so) and making sure your research is up to date in order to get the most use out of it. With this information it becomes incredibly simple to craft messaging that makes an impact, services that solve real problems and garner a loyal fanbase of people you can’t wait to work with.

2. Understand the problems you solve

This is the other side of the coin to your ideal customer. Once you know who they are, it should be easy enough to discover what they need and what issues/frustrations they are facing that you could solve.

Remember, people don’t buy products/services, they buy solutions to problems. People don’t want face wash, they want clearer brighter skin. They don’t want candles, they want to create a luxurious and relaxing home environment.

Getting to grips with what your customer wants and needs, and how you can provide that to them is the key to successful sales.

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3. Get clarity on your messaging

So, now you know your ideal customer inside out and you know the struggles they’re facing. You understand the ways in which your product/service alleviates their difficulties and makes your customers lives easier and happier. How much easier is it to create great messaging now?!

Try and get as specific as possible (we know this seems counter intuitive but it really will make it easier for your ideal customers to discover you) and ensure your messaging always revolves around your customer and not you. They are the star of your story, and you are their guide to a happier life.

4. Get to know your touchpoints

Have you been spending hours a week on your LinkedIn profile without ever seeing real results? Maybe you’ve been putting off setting up your email list because you can’t see it making a difference to your business?

Good branding will cure you of this uncertainty and hesitation, as it lays out exactly who your customers are and where they spend their time. If your customers are young female fashion bloggers, get off LinkedIn and put all your effort into Pinterest and Instagram. If your ideal customer are tech startups in their first year of business, spend way less time on Instagram and much more time on Medium, LinkedIn and at tech talks and networking events.

You don’t have to waste your time on ineffective marketing, you just need to get to know where to focus your efforts for real results.


5. Create assets with confidence & ease

Once you have a keen understanding of your ideal customer, their pain points and your brand values, creating content becomes a breeze. You’ll know exactly what your customers need from you and how you can create and deliver that solution in a way that feels authentic and you.

You’ll also have all the visual assets and guidelines to create branded visuals without the guesswork. Having consistent colour palettes, typefaces, logo variations and sizing sets laid out for you in a brand guideline document will make it super simple to create on-brand visual content with ease.

6. Become more visible & desirable

By now you understand your dream customer inside and out, you know the ways you make their life much easier with your products or services and you know how and where to find them. Your messaging is clear and effective, and you’re properly focussing your efforts on the places you’ll get the best engagement levels and ROI. It has become much easier for you to create content and assets with a clear strategy and goal in mind, and those assets are really hitting the mark.

It’s easy to see how all these things lead to greater visibility within your desired community, higher levels of engagement and enquiries from the right kinds of customer and a much better sense of work satisfaction. When you’re in love with your business (and it’s easy to be in love with something that’s working very well) that passion shines through in your marketing, and their is nothing more desirable that passion!

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