How a Well Designed Website Can Land You More Sales

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As a small business owner, attracting customers and clients is one of the biggest struggles. Without customers there’s no money and without money there’s no business, so it’s crucial that you’re able to attract paying customers consistently and reliably. We hear a lot these days about content marketing and social selling on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but not enough on using your website as your key sales tactic. Your website is the only online space you actually own, so it’s imperative that you’re making the most of it in order to build new relationships and get new customers through your books. So how can great web design be leveraged to land you more sales?

Make a great first impression

It’s true that on average, new website users will give you less than 15 seconds of their precious time before bouncing. That means you only have 15 seconds (tops) to win their attention, excite them and offer them some amazing value.

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How can we do all of that in under 15 seconds?! By using bold design and intentional content, that’s how! Make sure the first thing your user sees when entering your site is visually appealing, easy to navigate and answers their burning questions about how your business can help them. We recommend some kind of ‘hero’ section at the top of your homepage (usually a banner image or something similar) which answers your users questions, guides them to the next part of the journey through CTAs and offers great value in the form of free resources, articles or podcasts. Just like that your user is well informed and completely delighted - the perfect beginning to a strong customer relationship!

Build solid customer relationships

As a brand, customers are building relationships with you without ever having a conversation. How easily can they navigate your site to find the information most important to them? How seen and heard are they made to feel by your content? How relevant is your branding and visual aesthetic to them? All of these things will contribute to your relationship with your customer, so it’s important to get them right.

Good brand strategy will help you understand your dream customer and what they are looking for from you so you can gear your design direction and content to them. The goal is for your dream customers to land on your site and feel the universe created your business JUST for them. This will lead to them connecting deeply with your business and seeking you out across touchpoints to get to know you and hopefully eventually becoming a loyal customer.

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Increase engagement

If you use social media a lot for your business, no doubt you’ve come across the concept of ‘stopping the scroll’. This is the practice of creating content eye-catching and engaging enough that users are stopped mid-scroll to consume your content. This same rule can be applied to web design - meaning that striking and interesting design can override the standard 15 seconds window for first impressions.

Features guaranteed to grab your users attention and keep them interested in your website include animations, interactive quizzes, dynamic elements like parallax images and animated gradients and customisable content fields. Consider building these into the design of your website for a showstopping result guaranteed to make you plenty of new fans.

Ease of use

Great web design is about much more than animations and colour palettes, it’s about building a strong user journey that ensures your customer can easily find their way from A to B. The number one frustration for website users is not immediately being able to find the information they are looking for. If you have a complicated navigation, missing or broken links or inconsistent site structure, you’ll end up with far more users bouncing off your site. 

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Map out the journeys your user is likely to take on your website to get from one point to another, and then ensure that your site structure supports them being able to make this journey smoothly. The fact is, most people just want an easy life (can I get an AMEN) so ensuring your contact page is visible, easy to navigate to and quick to fill out will certainly increase the number of enquiries you get online.

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