Understanding Your USP

Small Business

What is a USP?

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point. It is something that your brand does differently from others that will distinguish you, even in a saturated market.

It is important to develop a strong USP so that you can market your company and products/services appropriately and in a way that will make your ideal customer stop and listen.

Remember, your customers are inundated with marketing and overwhelmed with options. Having a strong differentiator will often be the only thing stopping them from choosing your competition over you.

Who is your USP for?

Your USP is essentially a business tool, for use in your branding and marketing. While your customers will know the list of your USP thanks to your marketing messages and branding, the core proposition will be largely internal.

Saying all this, it’s crucial that your USP be modelled around the needs and desires of your ideal customer. Uniqueness doesn’t count for much if it’s not something that interests your audience. Start with your customer, find out what they value that is currently not being offered by other businesses in your niche and build from there.

What form can your USP take?

It’s important to note that a USP is more than just a strapline. It can be as complex as a specific type of material used in a manufacturing process, or as simple as a unique tone of voice.

Innocent Smoothies for example; fruit drinks are nothing new particularly in today’s wellness market, but their playful tone of voice and quirky childlike illustrations set them apart from other brands and make them instantly recognisable.

Again, it’s crucial to understand what your audience most values and then working from there in order to ascertain gaps in the market. Trying to reverse engineer from what you want to create will lead to a weak USP that doesn’t interest your target market.

How should your USP be used?

Your USP should be used to focus your marketing strategy and should give direction to your branding, messaging, copywriting and marketing efforts. Essentially, your customers should immediately be able to understand why they should choose your business to fulfil their need, and not a competitor. Your USP should be reflected in every element of your business from your website to your customer service. This way, your customers can see that you practice what you preach.

How often should you revisit your USP?

Revisiting your USP is something that should be factored in to your regular business planning. How often is largely up to what stage your business is at. Newer businesses will likely require more frequent visits to realign as they learn more about their ideal customer base and their competition - quarterly at least to ensure their messaging stays sharp and relevant. More seasoned businesses with a more established brand position will likely manage perfectly well with a yearly review to establish any changes to the market and other niche areas they could look at.

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