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I often get asked the question about the difference between web hosting and web domains, and whether you need both.


Web Hosting is a bit like online storage, it stores images, files and code for your website. If you have ever used Dropbox, Google Drive or even a folder on your laptop then it's very similar. These files are stored remotely on a server (a big computer that never turns off).

Pricing for hosting depends on the type of server you use. For most small to medium-sized businesses, a standard server should be fine. Some hosting companies limit the amount of traffic to your website (how many visitors you're allowed to get) and also how much storage you can use. 10GB of storage may sound a lot, but if your website runs WordPress, Squarespace or something similar then this code also needs to be on that server. This will also include any themes or plugins, so it's definitely something to be aware of.

At Lucky Night Studio we provide hosting solutions for all of our websites so we can remove all the confusion and provide security to your files.

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A domain is a URL that is used to direct the user to your website, eg: www.yourdomain.com. Domain names need to be unique, so only one person can buy a domain. You can purchase domains with different extensions, the most common in the UK being .com or .co.uk. While you can get .app, .io, .game or .shop - these often have different meanings, and will sometimes be limited by security or authority (eg .net being for non-for-profit organisations).

I personally purchase my domains from Google Domain as the pricing is pretty standard, most being £10 a year for .co.uk or .com sites and the platform is easy to use.

I recommend you purchase your own domain for your business, don't let an agency hold your domain, this is useful if you want to take your website somewhere else, or if there are issues with the agency.

So hopefully this has cleared up some confusion and helped you understand that if you want to have a website up and running with your Domain (www.yourdomain.com) attached to it, then yes you will need both.

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