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Puppa Fresh is moving on up. From homegrown mobile dog groomer to bricks & mortar with a lifestyle presence, the team appreciate the importance of their positioning in the market.

With the new look and brand presence tied into the upmarket new location, the goal of the brand & web design process was to position Puppa Fresh as a high-end must-visit for the most devoted dog mamas.

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We worked with Puppa Fresh on Brand Strategy sessions to understand all about their values and goals, and ensure all visuals and messaging were targeted at their dream customer. Once we had clear, defined customer personas we started work on their visual branding.

This included

  • Main logo in full suite of colours
  • 2 secondary logos in range of brand colours
  • Badges and icons
  • 3 different brand patterns
  • Brand & Strategy guide showing how to use assets appropriately & create new branded content that sells to the right audience
  • Packaging design for dog grooming products
  • Social media templates
  • Shopfront and promotional signage
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Once visual branding was signed off (with no amendments thanks to our rigorous initial brand strategy sessions) we got to work on creating their custom website - no bulky template sites here.

Puppa Fresh’s key goal of their online presence was to encourage people to book appointments, so we had to ensure the booking process was easy to find and simple to complete. We placed plenty of clear calls to action and created a custom pop up booking modal that ensured users never lost their place on the site and could come and go as they needed to. The modal allowed bookings to be completed in under 4 clicks, ensuring a smooth and welcoming process that would encourage online bookings.

We worked hard on SEO and trained them in beneficial content creation that would boost their rankings and site authority. We laid the foundations for a front-page site with image optimisation, well-researched keywords and descriptions and page markup, and we know with consistent content creation and growth in popularity, Puppa Fresh’s ranking will continue to improve.

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Want to work with us on a custom brand &/or website design that will captivate & convert your dream audience?

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Want to work with us on a custom brand &/or website design that will captivate & convert your dream audience?

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