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Tired Girl’s Copy Club are a team of dedicated young copywriters providing marketing services for clients and a lively online community for fellow freelancers & creative business owners. They started their journey in 2018 on a shoestring, but after hundreds of clients and a few media features decided it was time for a much-needed rebrand.

Our goal working with TGCC was to create a visual brand that was versatile enough to use across print and digital for both the service based business and online community. We wanted to build something that better reflects their young, creative audience.

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TGCC felt that over the past 2 years, while their business had grown and was doing well, they had lost clarity around their direction and values. We worked on extensive strategy sessions that helped TGCC discover their perfect customer, understand their goals and values and craft a cohesive brand mission. Once we felt we had uncovered TGCC’s USPs, goals and values, we got to work crafting visuals that encompassed it all.

This included

  • Main logo in full suite of colours and orientations
  • Secondary logos in range of brand colours
  • Logo badges and icons
  • 3 different brand patterns
  • Brand colour palette and typeface selection
  • Brand & Strategy guide showing how to use assets appropriately & create new branded content that sells to the right audience
  • Social media templates
  • Business card and poster/leaflet designs
  • Promotional stickers & assets
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Thanks to our extensive initial brand strategy sessions, the visual branding was created and approved super quickly with barely any alterations. Seeing the brand from the customer’s viewpoint rather than their own, and understanding the rationale behind every decision made a big difference to TGCC, and they were thrilled with the outcome of the visual branding.

We spent a lot of time crafting the perfect brand usage & strategy guide for TGCC, as their business operates over so many different touchpoints and mediums. We wanted to ensure the team felt as comfortable writing event messaging as they did creating social media posts, so plenty of training and explanation in this area was essential to giving them the very best brand experience.

Even though this branding was incredibly intensive, thanks to clear processes and deadlines, the whole project went smoothly and was completed (including training) within the 4 week turnaround time, meaning the team could get stuck in with their new strategy ASAP!

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Want to work with us on a custom brand &/or website design that will captivate & convert your dream audience?

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